Pokémon X is basically amazing

I honestly can’t believe I’ve not yet ranted to you about Pokémon at length. I love it. I’ve loved Pokémon for more than half my life, which is a little astounding. I’ve been playing Pokémon X since it was released two Saturdays ago, and it’s basically awesome. I’m, what, fifty hours in? Going to beat the Elite Four pretty soon, and man am I looking forward to the postgame.

I’m a completionist at heart, so if you want to trade to complete your ‘dex, I’m right here.

pokemon x


Where the rules are made up and the points don’t matter!

Have you played Calvinball? It’s highly amusing.


On a related note, the card game sometimes known as President has such varied ways to play, we’ve taken to calling it Calvincard.

(The title of the post, of course, is from the show Whose Line Is It Anyway?)

Silken Designs

Silk is “interactive generative art”. Paint the most delicate of weavings with your mouse in nearly any color as you listen to the calming music. The handy “Share” button lets you show your friends what you’ve created. Click the image below to watch my drawing bloom.

Silk Hex