Pokémon X is basically amazing

I honestly can’t believe I’ve not yet ranted to you about Pokémon at length. I love it. I’ve loved Pokémon for more than half my life, which is a little astounding. I’ve been playing Pokémon X since it was released two Saturdays ago, and it’s basically awesome. I’m, what, fifty hours in? Going to beat the Elite Four pretty soon, and man am I looking forward to the postgame.

I’m a completionist at heart, so if you want to trade to complete your ‘dex, I’m right here.

pokemon x


One thought on “Pokémon X is basically amazing

  1. It is amazing! I am forty hours in and just head of the eighth gym. Spent a lot of time breeding, training and catching the pokemon. Feeling like I need to get me a Slyveon before I see the Elite four. Spent 250 000 pokedollars At the boutique yesterday!!

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